The bathing season and a long warm summer are ahead of us, and swimwear of the reputable Palmers brand is waiting for you.

Bright summer colours, exotic prints and classic models prevail in the new collection of swimwear, which is complemented by details such as asymmetrical shoulder straps, ribbons, unusual necklines and ruffles.

All swimwear designs of the new Palmers summer collection, no matter how different, have something in common – they portray the perfect summer image, provide the greatest feeling of comfort, while colours and designs will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Palmers always emphasizes that every female figure in a swimsuit looks beautiful and that the choice of swimsuit should reflect your self-confidence – whether you choose classic designs or those that will emphasize your femininity. The latest summer collection offers something for every figure, and even bikini tops are designed up to the size of E cup. In addition to bikinis and swimsuits, this season you can find accessories in Palmers, including beach bags, straw hats, flip flops and thus you can complete your summer outfit.

Men can also find many different styles, cuts, colours, patterns in the Palmers collection. The male audience will be especially attracted by design details such as slots on the side for extra comfort, as well as tiny holes through which air and water are discharged.