With the autumn and the cold days approaching, we come back to nightgowns, pyjamas and dressing gowns.

A rich selection of modern sleepwear and home wear can now be found in the new Palmers collection.

Palmers has prepared some creative lines to enjoy relaxing moments in your home. Warm colours and stars make the main accents of this sleepwear collection signed by Palmers.

Cosmic Night line is characterised by white and burgundy as well as print reminding us of lace. Find a warm embrace in Palmers cosy dressing gowns from the Cozy Cuddling line available in gray and beige with motives of stars. Fans of classic will surely be impressed by Cozy Night line which brings sleepwear in white and gray shades, enriched with discreet details such as inscriptions in silver and motives of tiny stars. Darker shades like blue, gray and brown as well as geometric patterns such as stripes are featured in the Modern Emilie line. For late afternoons and autumn evenings choose some items from the Winterly Mood line with elegant ribbons that can also be worn as daywear.

Elegance and uncompromising quality of materials is what Palmers is known for and now they bring a new collection presenting sleepwear and home wear for the most comfortable evening moments.