Museum of Senses

How easy is it to trick your senses? Visit the first Museum of Senses in Croatia at City Center one and have fun with approximately 30 interactive exhibits in one truly exceptional museum. 

Museum of senses is the first fun interpretation centre in Croatia, spread over 400 square metres on the ground floor of the centre and it will win you over at first sight, smell and touch.

Basic concept are human senses, thus the museum is divided into five zones: zone of sight, hearing touch, balance and sound. Typical Split and Dalmatian elements are present in every zone. Among other interesting exhibits, make sure you don’t miss “Rađa’s Room “, dedicated to Dino Rađa, basketball player, where you can play basketball with him and become taller than him. Dance in the “Galaxy Room” with the sounds of ‘Ništa kontra Splita’ by Dino Dvornik. You can go down the slide into the sea and play ‘picigin’, experience a number of illusions, feel the winds of the Adriatic, lie on the bed of nails and let go and enjoy a variety of sensory experiences. A visit to the Museum of Senses is an experience that you will surely remember for a long, long time.