We believe that each one of us has a relationship where break-up was the best option; or a very boring guy who didn’t want to let go. Those pity relationships are the worst. How does one end it, how can you end a relationship when he is trying so hard and he is terribly persistent?

This is exactly the story we are reminded of through the latest advert by Perfecta about a boring old mattress that doesn’t want to let go… Doesn’t want her to get rid of it …

How do we know it is the end?

Well, sometimes it is difficult to admit it. When we stop feeling the butterflies in the stomach, when we stop feeling the love, when one cares much more than the other, when the other one doesn’t care at all… when we wear each other out, when we get tired of the other, when we torture ourselves… and when deep inside we suspect we need to cut it and simply end this pointless story.

Btw did you know that a mattress should be changed every 6 to 7 years?

The expert say that the mattresses have a life cycle and it is about 15,000 hours of sleep. The reason being that we lose about half a litre of water by sweating every night, and each year we lose half a kilo of dead skin cells. And where does it all end up? Mostly in our mattresses.

Yes, the mattresses don’t come with an integrated timer to alarm us that the mattress is overdue a replacement, that it is full of dead cells and the foam has started crumbling. Their decay is not as obvious as is the case with the sneakers; the batteries do not run down, nor will they break down like electric appliances. This is why we probably find out too late that the mattress is overdue a replacement, even though we keep waking up tired, spiritless and with a back pain.

  • “This is a torture, we have to break up.”
  • “You are breaking up with me?”
  • “Yes… and it’s not me, it’s you. You can’t let go of me, you are obviously not good for me and you have been wearing me out for a long time.”
  • “Get rid of it! Take advantage of the free removal of your old mattress and find a new mattress of your dreams!”

Just like the new advert by Perfecta.

The easiest thing to do is to cover the mattress with a sheet and forget about having the most intimate relationship with that mattress for a third of our lifetime. Precisely because you sometimes don’t know how to get rid of the old mattress, Perfecta Dreams has decided to give you a special gift in May – free removal of your old mattress. You don’t have to worry about it anymore, we will collect and dispose of it at the dump site. The only thing you have to do is – choose a mattress of your dreams and start a new relationship in which you will feel satisfied.

Recently, Perfecta Dreams has introduced an option of 100 nights trial for the best mattresses. It sounds great in case you are not sure about starting your relationship.

P.S. Take advantage of amazing offers on mattresses, beds and pillows. For more information on our sales promotion see the link

P.S. Take advantage of amazing offers on mattresses, beds and pillows. For more information on our sales promotion see the link.