With the scent of cinnamon and holidays approaching it is definitely time to cook! Bring your youngsters on 2nd and 3rd December to City Center one West to join our Kids Cooking Show!

Accompanied by Toby the Tiger, experienced chef and his assistants, your little chefs can learn how to prepare various holiday treats and tasty cookies which give away the scent of holidays, and everything they prepare is theirs to eat with enjoyment. The kids are also welcome to join the Big Competition of Little Chefs. Your little chef might just become a true little City Chef and win a cool shopping spree!

On Saturday, from 5 PM to 7 PM the grown-ups and the kids will have a chance to cook with a special guest – our chef Tomislav Špiček and learn how to prepare tasty holiday specialties.

The kitchen is open on 2nd and 3rd December from 11 AM to 7 PM at City Center one West.

See you soon!