Here are some tips on how to turn successfully your holidays into super cool holidays!

First tip
Decorate yourself! Yes, be cool and win a year supply of sneakers. What do you need to do? Go to, let yourself go completely and enjoy, be whatever your heart desires. Be a snowman, Santa Claus, Rudolph… There are only a few opportunities in the year when everything is allowed, and the holiday season is ideal time to go crazy.

Second Tip
Follow Shooster on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy being creative. Take part in activations and find out where and when you can win the best sneakers you can wish for this Christmas.

Third Tip
Download Shooster Viber stickers and send them to your friends. Believe us, nobody can resist having them. Try and send only one sticker. No chance.

Fourth Tip
Visit Shooster web shop and look for sneakers you would like the Santa Claus to bring you. Shooster team is constantly in touch with him, he receives their wishes on daily basis. Do not forget to tell us your exact size.

Fifth Tip
Remember all those you have not heard from for a long time, be kind with your loved ones and all others. Be positive and enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Because, who knows, as they say, the way you spend the last days of the current year, shows how the next year will unfold for you.