Discover L'OCCITANE Overnight Booster that rejuvenates, smooths and renews your skin overnight using immortelle essential oil in form of golden bubbles, marjoram extract serum and acmella.

Three active ingredients, two textures and first results visible after one night. This innovative Overnight Booster that contains more than 3.000 golden immortelle bubbles has the power to renew and reset your skin while you sleep, so you could wake up each morning with fresh and healthy-looking skin, with no signs of fatigue.

Overnight Booster aims to reset your skin while you sleep giving it a heathy, fresh start, erasing the impact of negative factors (such as pollution, stress and exhaustion) that have deteriorated its condition during the day. Innovative formula behind the Overnight Booster prepares the skin for better absorption of active ingredients and improves the efficiency of other skincare products used as part of your nigh-time skin routine. The Booster is applied to cleansed, toned skin, before the serum, cream or oil, and it can easily fit in any beauty routine.

Overnight Booster is a unique addition to your existing skincare routine.