Replay’s spring season brings a true fashion energy burst emphasizing a rebellious and zany side for their powerful fashion followers.

Versatile and coherent collection is presented in three new lines – Black Holiday, Military Surfer and The Burning Man.

Black Holiday collection is distinguished by rocker elements where primary colours play a major role while a monotonous routine is broken by using feminine red and an occasional toned seam. Black leather jacket and skinny leather pants are collection’s statement items while few floral graffiti emphasise unparalleled femininity of all style-aware girls.

Military Surfer promotes a somewhat ironic sunny style combining firm military trends with surfer energy, bringing together seemingly incompatible elements – colours like olive green and military camouflage patterns with feminine details such as glitter or romantic stripes.

The Burning Man collection was named after the most popular desert music festival. This collection uses dusky pink and light shades and it is inspired by the glamourous desert style in which a self-assured Replay girl is managing rather well.

The new season brings out, in every aspect, very interesting outfits, but again it cannot avoid the timeless denim that is back on the fashion throne thanks to being easily combined with various pieces like casual shirts, tops, leather jackets and floral patterns. Everything is worn and combined this spring – there is no hesitation when it comes to fashion. So if you like denim, military or pink look from head to toe, dress in Replay and show everybody how great something looks when it is worn with attitude!