Forum Publishing House has joined the club of popular stores at City Center one, thus making reading and interesting literature more accessible to the visitors.
Forum’s editions can be divided into three groups: picture books, monographs, road maps and city maps. Forum is best known for picture books and editions for children.

Their picture books are pedagogically edited and adapted to fit the children’s developmental sequence, they are educational as well as fun. They are easy to learn from, and the tasks in Forum’s picture books are complemented by stickers, bright colours and interesting drawings to stimulate a child towards the solution in a fun way. The picture books are specially written to fit all ages of children and adjusted to children’s maturity as well as their graphomotor skills, whether in case of first colouring books or encyclopedias. In addition to picture books, Forum is the first publishing house that has devoted due attention to colouring books which are fully in line with children’s age.


Picture books and colouring books teach children new ideas and situations, they teach them about sharing and interaction between parents and children thus developing their reasoning and recognition skills, practicing their motor skills and so on.


Carefully selected Forum’s picture books are filled with beautiful illustrations and amazing characters who take us through the stories and teach us about tenderness, compassion and wellbeing; how to be fair, hard-working and kind to others, how to be small but the greatest and the best in their actions, not to forget the values of human existence and its harmony with the nature. They teach children how to appreciate themselves as well as other people and their culture and customs. And when it comes to learning and children, everything can be fun – do come and join us and find out for yourself at Forum at City Center one!