A well-known multi-brand concept store Fashion&Friends has presented a new 2018 spring/summer campaign by using a hashtag #IMPERFECT as a symbol of individuality.

Made according to a creative concept by Jasenka Stekić, in this season we will be celebrating an expressive stylish signature with the most popular season’s pieces. The campaign presents MUST HAVE items by world-known urban brands from the Fashion&Friends multi-brand store such as Replay, Diesel, Tommy Jeans, Guess, Liu Jo, Gaudi, Manila Grace, Calvin Klein jeans, SuperDry, Ugg, Premiat and others.

As homage always inspired by street style of the world’s capitals, as well as Zagreb, vintage and sophistication are combined, provocative and casual as well as vivid colours and neutral shades. In women’s styling, there is a tendency to use metallic structures which emphasize the femininity in chiffon dresses and transparent layers of tulle. On the other hand, robust shirts with print and denim, treated in line with the season’s imperative are suggested for men.