In the pleasant ambiance of the newly opened store, kind consultants will offer style suggestions and introduce you to the world of the original designer jewelry brand.

The whole design concept of the new store included conveying the story behind Iva Viljevac’s designer jewelry to the space itself as a visual reflection of the essence and identity of the brand. This is how minimalism, sophistication, and simplicity became the main guidelines, and the space ended up telling the story of the jewelry. Jewelry takes on the leading role and represents the focus of the space, and everything else serves as a background that will further highlight it while making customers feel warm and cozy.

With a minimalist approach and a special emphasis on fine details, Iva Viljevac creates handmade jewelry made of 925 silver and steel suitable for many occasions. The collection consisting of essential pieces is great for everyday and special occasions. Understated jewelry is perfect on its own and is easily styled with other pieces of jewelry to create an interesting, layered look.

Get yourself or a loved one a unique piece of jewelry that you will fall in love with.