The new Palmers collection takes you to a magical world of lace and silk that quickly turns the most intimate pieces into delicate, sensual and romantic items.

The collection is ruled by feminine shades of spring, trendy pink, royal blue, foggy bluish grey that extends to a gentle beige and white, perfect for future brides.

The fans of classic will be enthused about the Contour line of underwear in minimalist design, with invisible seams that will not show under your clothes, but blend perfectly with your figure.

Sleep into beauty line is ideal for all the future brides, but also all the women who strive to achieve a simple and at the same time delicate and seductive underwear.

Flamingo leaves and Smoke grey lace lines are reserved for the ladies who prefer a sensual, romantic, as well as a seductive look, while seemingly simple sleepwear programme in silk from Privée and Sexy romance lines, owing to discreet lace details on silk, leaves an impression of sophisticated sex appeal.

Feminine Palmers underwear pieces aim to discreetly highlight your curves and the silhouette, while the lace is used to awaken your youthful spring spirit.