Replay, urban girls’ favourite fashion brand, has presented a new stunning collection using unconventional colours when it comes to this time of the year.

New line was inspired by timeless black and white pieces echoing a well-known rebellious and youthful attitude so deeply rooted in Replay’ code.

Black and white fashion game, where it all starts and ends, is reflected in statement items such as white jeans, black bleached denim, shirts with striking signature and rocker jackets and vests. This powerful collection is intended for the intriguing, modern and confident Replay girls who enjoy the stylish game with monochromatic looks as part of a casual street style. Accessories such as a shopper bag with metallic effects, a classic black bag and backpacks with interesting zip details, as well as striking footwear items are on the MUST HAVE list of items that play a significant role, adding that special touch to the outfit due to its contemporary design and cool details such as ties, ribbons and plaited fibre sole.

Make sure you don’t miss a wickedly good collection in Replay this spring, that will make the heads turn, and visit your closest store to check it all out!