Tom Tailor store is collaborating with a fashion icon - Naomi Campbell!

World-known model has designed a Christmas and New Year’s collection, which will be available at Tom Tailor store in City Center one in November.

Naomi Campbell embodies an ideal woman representing Tom Tailor brand since it is promoting characteristics such as independence and courage at the same time enhancing the brand image. New brand’s philosophy is ‘Be in’ which reflects optimism and boldness in life, in fashion, but also towards the customers.

Great news, the first capsule collection by Naomi Campbell for Tom Tailor will be available by the end of October. It contains elegant clothing items in black with highlights in gold, making these items perfect for Christmas holidays and New Year’s parties.

“Tom Tailor is one of the most famous German fashion brands and I am a big fan of their collection. Still, my clothing is bolder and more glamorous which is what I also wanted to show through my design. I am interested to see how it will be liked among the customers and I am very much looking forward to our further collaboration“, said the celebrated model.

See you soon at Tom Tailor store at City Center one!