Regardless if you have had a chance to wear them or not, there is one thing you need to recognize – UGG boots are the most comfortable and the softest boots around, ideal for the cold days ahead.

There is a new autumn collection at ICON. store with classical high and low models in grey and blue, as well as in black and chestnut colour, popular among the fashionistas for many years.

In addition to classical models, UGG is now offering a new variety of colours, as well as new models with interesting details. Among them is a model with sequins and glittery details as well as silky, furry ribbons, which make an ideal choice when you would like to add a touch of femininity and romance to your styling. On the other hand, to achieve an urban and rocker look choose our novelty, a model with a zip and chain available in two colours. If you would like to follow the trends, make sure you get a model with an UGG logo, be it the one applied on the ribbon or on the boot.

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