The most famous multibrand store in the region, Fashion&Friends presents a new campaign “The Power of Tribes“,

The campaign celebrates “the tribe“ concept, where understanding is encouraged, imperfections are accepted, and fashion friends are boldly played with, while providing each member just what they need.
Stars of the street style scene, who are always ready for a new urban adventure, are emphasizing trendy materials, monochromatic colours and striking details as the basis of a casual style.

Rebels -the basis of tomboy chic style are bomber jackets, oversized tracksuits and dark denim, skilfully combined with metallic print and faux leather details. Untameable, bold and unpredictable is the central message of each item, but also of the person who wears it.

Trendsetters -in a seductive game with the new trends, “it“ girls are choosing key pieces such as romantic dresses, pencil skirts and stiletto shoes in fluorescent colours that make them look glamorous and feminine.

Denimholics -attractive cuts, skinny fit models combined with high heels, oversized denim shirts that look like dresses, and denim on denim are a perfect choice for a simple and striking everyday look.

Minimalists – guided by the “less is more” philosophy, fans of clear lines, classic cuts and natural shades embody perfectly rounded style. Contrasting details and graphic print bring freshness to the minimalist style, in this way highlighting each item in the best possible way.