This season, Replay in cooperation with Mia Kovačić, Croatian TV host and longtime brand ambassador brings some MUST HAVE items to achieve a hot atmosphere on the city fashion scene.

Photographs, that fully illustrate urban Replay spirit, were taken by a renowned Zagreb street style photographer Goran Čižmešija, who has once again taken the most interesting fashion shots.

Impressive Replay collection perfectly combines romantic items with rocker style and rebellious items, in this way creating an irresistible urban combination. Swaying dresses in white, airy trousers with floral design and denim, the brand is especially known for, are complemented with striking belts, metallic and leather details and robust sandals in order to achieve a powerful street style effect with a discreet amount of femininity.

Over and over again, Replay has been making efforts to emphasise a rebellious attitude through a bold collection, as well as through strength that each true Replay fan should possess. Mia is exactly the person who was able to demonstrate in an irresistible way how symbiosis of youthful and elegant touch can create amazing combinations which you will be able to wear in all occasions, from casual daily to provocative evening occasions.