Did you know that there are Pumas with floral print? You didn’t? Shooster obviously has a spring campaign for the most blossoming sneakers in the world - PUMA Basket Heart Hyper Embroidery.

This is a classic PUMA model with embroidered flowers. Instead of regular laces, this charming model of sneakers has gentle silk laces. Model is obviously for women, and we are certain that the guys will be happy to give them to their girlfriends as gifts. Imagine sneakers with flowers – two in one. They are available in three colours and we cannot decide which one is more beautiful, check for yourself on shooster.hr. We can picture a black pair for an evening out, a grey pair during the day, while a pink pair can be worn for a special, romantic occasion.

Our Tina Walme could smell them and now she can’t stop wearing them. She decided on a black pair, obviously ideal for her evenings out, especially when she is having fun with her friends and dancing till dawn.

When talking about friends, there is a challenge for you on Shooster web (puma.shooster.hr), in which you can share with the world about who is your best friend and win amazing Shooster prizes. Hurry, and let flowers make every step you take more beautiful!