While Hyperflex launched in 2014 became Replay’s bestseller owing to 100% elasticity, Hyperflex + patented in cooperation with ISKO™ moves one step further launching a collection that represent a true Denim revolution after a tireless research to find a perfect formula.

This season’s must have item for an urban Replay man is a top seller model called Anbass, a new slim-fit biker-inspired model and a soft sport Chino easy fit model with a trendy addition – drawstring waist and ribbing around the ankle.

In addition to sporty Chino and biker-inspired models, this season Replay introduces a new model of Luz skinny-fit for the trendsetters, the model that is at the same time a top seller.

Hyperflex + offers a variety of shades, ranging from ultrablack to washed out models with distressed areas and localised abrasions to achieve the ‘already used’ effect, also available in blue-black version that brings out shades of indigo blue. Fabulously cool models in gray shades range from random cloudy wash all the way to mid- gray in both clean and used versions.

Replay remains powerfully true to itself while the most recent technology places this brand on the very top of Denim brands you simply must wear.

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