Vipnet has enhanced its 4G+/LTE network thus achieving surfing speeds of up to 300 Mbit/s for mobile Internet! In this respect City Center one West became the first shopping mall in Croatia where the visitors can surf using the 4G+/LTE network and search through on-line content at highest speeds.

Recent research made by Prizma Agency for Vipnet has shown that Internet speed and network quality matter to almost 75 per cent of respondents. That the importance of user experience quality became so relevant in daily use of telecommunication services, is best demonstrated by a research conducted by Ericsson, according to which the delay in loading YouTube videos increases the level of dissatisfaction by 3 per cent, and an unwanted pause after the user has already started playing the video increases the level of dissatisfaction by additional 15 per cent.

Therefore, while you are taking a break from doing shopping, enjoy this excellent advantage at your favourite shopping mall – check the news on social networks, send messages to your friends and family, watch your favourite music video on YouTube and get informed on the latest news in Croatia and worldwide – all this at maximum speeds and the highest quality network.