The Printbox self-service machine for printing documents is intended for anyone who wants to print all their documents quickly and easily.

The Printbox machine is located on the ground floor near the information point. Pree-schoolers, schoolchildren, students, parents, entrepreneurs, pensioners, and tradesmen can all use it. You can print anywhere from one to multiple pages. The only thing you need to be able to use the machine is your file and you only pay for what you print.

Redeem the CITYCENTERONE code and print 5 pages on the Printbox machine completely free of charge.

How to redeem the code? Visit City Center one West and walk to the Printbox machine. Create a free account by signing up (you only need a valid email address). Select the PRICE LIST from the menu on the left and then press REDEEM THE COUPON. Use the on-screen digital keypad to enter the CITYCENTERONE code and confirm with REDEEM. Printbox will give you 5 free credits instantly. You can see your credit balance in the top left corner of the screen.

Find information on how Printbox machines work, how to create an account, how to pay for printing, and more on the following website: For further assistance, call 091/360 6666 or send an e-mail to