Expect the unexpected!

We have come to expect each new collection to offer something new, beautiful, and desirable. Clothes are this wonderful “wrapping paper” that allows our personality to express itself, send a message, to be recognized. We also expect clothes to be comfortable, eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and suitable for various activities. And most importantly – to cause that much-desired WOW effect! It’s important to us to look and feel attractive. This is the essence of our existence.

This season’s new Varteks collections have managed to include all these attributes. The seasons are abstracted at all levels, thus updating the selection of the Varteks brand. Both women’s and men’s collections consist of a multitude of small-themed capsule collections that consist of the ideal “mix and match” pieces of clothing.

Femininity and masculinity are the carriers of shapes and tailored images in new collections. Classic style with unexpected fashion swerves. Varteks uses fabrics of natural origin, but they are constructed in a way that shows originality when combined with other unexpected pieces. An expected colorway that unexpectedly combines seemingly incompatible color combinations. The safety of calm fabric structures, such as stripes and diamond shapes, is shattered by bold printed designs created by Varteks’ design team.

A large fashion mosaic told through small, harmonious collections is coming out of the Varteks production facilities with the intention of becoming a part of everyday life.