City Center one prvi je shopping centar u Hrvatskoj s međunarodnim certifikatom Covid-19 Compliant!

The independent company Safe Shopping Centers, based in Sweden, awarded City Center one the Covid-19 Compliant certificate, which is the confirmation that the centre operates in accordance with the highest international standards and guidelines of the World Health Organization.

A detailed independent review established that all measures for the safe functioning of the centre during the coronavirus pandemic were undertaken and that a strict adherence to these measures is assured, with an emphasis on the adoption and implementation of the best international practices and standards, while maintaining quality communication with lessees and visitors.

The international Covid-19 Compliant certificate is once more proof that City Center one puts the well-being, protection, and safety of its visitors first, and ensures the highest standards for the business of its lessees. Bearing in mind that the new normal at the time of the coronavirus pandemic brings numerous challenges on a daily basis, this recognition demonstrates the centre’s willingness to react quickly, adapt, think progressively, and maintain constant vigilance for the well-being of everyone at City Center one.

See you in shopping!