Palmers has presented a completely new campaign for the summer season under a slogan "A world that fits "; in this way a brand with rich history and fashion tradition that they have been building for 105 years has announced the beginning of a new era.

We live in a world where we need to face the reality. A world where each figure can be attractive. A world in which women support women. A world in which women have plenty of choices and where they are proud of their unique and distinguishing features and their curves. This is the new Palmers world. A world that fits. A world in which fashion is what you want it to be.

Palmers introduces us to the most beautiful time of the year by presenting its Spring/Summer collection full of floral patterns, sporty styles and seductive premium lingerie that fits every figure.

From linen – ecological miracle of the nature, to tropical flower prints and bikinis with velvety touch all the way to clean, purist styles – there is something for every female figure in the new collection. Palmers also offers swimwear line for men that will fit in every style – from classical and minimalist models such as single colour slip models to swim shorts in vibrant colours and various patterns.

What is a summer without swimsuits, marine inspired outfits, bright and vibrant colours? Palmers shows us the world where they would like to encourage all men and women to feel comfortable in their bodies.