After successfully introducing the Tech Prep™ line, GANT continues its design through shirt models for men and women, available at 5 Star store at City Center one.

GANT’s credo is ‘Never Stop Learning’, and in this, second generation of Tech Prep, we have extended the line for women and added more styles for men with further innovations. Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations, and we are certain we will manage to do so with these shirts”, Patrik Nilsson, CEO of GANTA stated.

Tech Prep line of shirts timelessly empowers GANT style through smart technology, which promotes active lifestyle. Innovative fabrics give a polished look, but also a feeling of freedom.  Breathable materials with new absorption technology are quick to dry and designed to make those who wear them feel comfortable throughout the day – regardless if they are in a hurry to get to a business meeting, to catch a plane or simply to meet friends.

Maintenance and ironing of Tech Prep shirts is much easier than is the case with the classic cotton shirts. The reason for this are sophisticated technological textile fibres that make the fabrics “recover” from wrinkles and creases faster. All that is needed for the Tech Prep shirts to straighten faster is a bit of steam at a medium temperature – there is no need for hard pressing or high temperatures when using an iron. In addition to that, due to excellent absorption power, Tech Prep shirts get dried in half the time needed for classic shirts.

GANT range is available at 5 Star store, located on the 1st floor of City Center one.