Lace, sophisticated details and premium design are the main features of breathable and comfortable Palmers underwear.

New collection of underwear by this renowned Austrian brand seduces using sateen, delicate lace and transparent details. Our materials are soft and breathable and these features are predominant in the new Palmers underwear models, that have been raising standards in quality and comfort this season.

Charming Witch, Delicate Rose and Lace Drama lines of underwear are seductive at first sight with fiery red, royal blue and gentle beige. New models of panties and bras are standing out with their urban silhouettes and delicate lace details, and they are designed for true fashionistas that insist on high aesthetic standards and uncompromising quality.

Home wear line Elegant Lounge is made to enjoy the warmth of your home. At the same time cold, but soft grey shades combined with the finest wool and sophisticated cashmere are there to make your moments more special.

Choose these charming pieces of underwear and home wear models from the new lines signed by Palmers, let go and relax the most beautiful fashion game with City Center one.