Your four-wheeled pets require special attention, especially when it comes to disinfection, which has become a part of our everyday life.

The General Blistakonov car wash offers a new service – disinfection of vehicles using active oxygen and a premium cleaning agent. Disinfection and refreshment of the vehicle is performed using a premium product through a designed diffuser that emits dry steam, and the product itself doesn’t leave a mark on any types of surfaces.

After disinfection and refreshment, the vehicle acquires a mint aroma on which the product is based. During the process, the vehicle must be started with the ventilation system shut off, in order for the product to reach the deepest part of your vehicle’s ventilation system. The product is compliant with European standards EN 14348, EN 1276, EN 14476.

The disinfection process takes only 5 minutes and following an additional 5 minutes for ventilation, your car is ready to be used again. The price of the procedure is HRK 60, and disinfection is only possible in a combination with internal cleaning of the vehicle („Blistaj iznutra”) and in accordance with the rules on internal cleaning of the vehicle at the General Blistakonov car wash!