Enjoy the richness of taste in our dairy products prepared based on a traditional recipe.

Milk and dairy are the most important source of calcium, and they are key to normal development and bone growth. If you are among those who like to begin their day with cereals and milk, or you like to relax by drinking a glass of warm milk before going to sleep, make sure you visit the newly opened Mini Dairy Veronika d.o.o. point of sale on the ground floor of City Center one West.

Wide selection includes prize-winning products which have received their awards at  various Trade Fairs in Croatia and abroad, and they are made from non-homogenized and non-sterilized milk, in this way preserving the original taste and smell along with all its natural benefits.

All products are made based on traditional recipes using 100% fresh Croatian milk, no preservatives or additives. We offer products that are always fresh and incredibly tasty: milk, Greek style yogurt and drinkable yogurt, butter, kajmak cream, milk spread, whey, fruit whey, buttermilk, kefir, cheese spreads with flavours, sweet deserts, sweet and sour cream and an assortment of cheese.

Drop by our point of sale Mini Dairy Veronika  and choose some amazing tasting products!