Bring your kids to Children's Theatre Weekend on 25th and 26th May and have fun together!

We are impatiently awaiting the sunny days that are inviting us to have fun! Meanwhile, in the countdown to the beginning of the summer, drop by City Center one with your kids and enjoy the performances by Element One theatre that will make the wait more entertaining!

On Saturday, 25th May, from 6 PM at City Center one West the youngsters can start warming up for a cheerful summer break with an entertaining programme Seaside Follies. These entertaining preparations include running away from a pinching crab, guessing what a shark has eaten, catching the flying fish and many other activities.

On Sunday, 26th May, from 6 PM at City Center one East you can follow an exciting adventure with little friends in a show called Mermaid in Distress. After a cheerful group of kids found a map that leads to a mermaid, they engaged in a pursuit to find her. Have your kids join them in this adventure, they may get to know a real mermaid.

Fun is guaranteed, see you at Children’s Theatre Weekend!