Drop by City Center one and enjoy our well-known snacks with completely new and unusual flavours which are now available on FOL Gourmet Popcorn points of sale!

Traditional popcorn, everyone’s favourite snack, is now given a completely new dimension. Instead of a classical salty option or the one with butter, dare to taste something completely new – gourmet popcorn that will spoil your taste buds! There is a wide selection of sweet and salty options: Fol Caramel, Fondente, Eporediese, After8 , Folberry, Margherita, Bacon, Chili pepper, Arrabbiata and Truffles.

Popcorn is made by using air, which means that there is no additional oil or fat, and after that popcorn is coated with a special choice of ingredients and mixtures which define taste. The most important question that will be on your mind in front of a beautifully designed FOL Popcorn kiosk is – which flavour to choose?