The new YSL skin care product range - Pure Shots has arrived at Douglas.

YSL Beauty has embraced an avant-garde approach to skin care, inspired by the lifestyle of modern women. Due to advance scientific analysis and clinical testing, YSL Beauty made a breakthrough discovery: the urban lifestyle accelerates the skin aging process up to 40%. The results of that scientific journey are NIGHT REBOOT serum and PURE SHOTS product range offering tailored and focused solutions for skin care with targeted performance.

NIGHT REBOOT is the flagship serum in the Pure Shots range. Thanks to powerful properties of cactus and glycolic acid, it helps with reducing signs of fatigue from the first morning. A daily dose of essential skin elements works in synergy with powerful plants from YSL Ourika gardens in order to achieve a triple effect:

  • the skin is nourished and treated from the core
  • larger signs of ageing are corrected (lines, wrinkles, sagging and dullness)
  • the skin is instantly and visibly improved with long-term correction of urban signs of aging

The eco-design packaging enables re-filling of the cream and serum, thus reducing the   environmental impact – a practical bottle of Pure Shots is suitable for all four serums, so they can be changed as desired. The lotion can be recycled. Nature and science are united in this innovative line which fights the sings of urban ageing and rejuvenates the skin.