With each purchase, Timberland plants one tree for you, and you get Boralica - a crayon made from the ashes of a burned forest, and the possibility of planting an additional tree.

By purchasing in Timberland, you will get Boralica, and if you want to plant your tree, draw your tree with Boralica and plant it in the virtual Timberland forest at www.boranka.hr.

There you can turn it into a real tree, which Boranka’s volunteers will plant in Split’s surrounding areas. Thus, a new green forest will arise from the black ash.

Thank you for helping to turn Croatia green.

Each week, the 25 fastest (UN)BEATABLE supporters have the opportunity to leave an e-mail address and receive a personalized photo of the planted seedling with the exact coordinates of their seedling.

Find more information about this highly commendable action on Boranka.

*promotion is available from 15 October 2020 while stocks of Boralica last.