One Brand. Two Centres. Thousand Opportunities.

Whether you would like to promote your brand, your products or services through high-quality advertising surfaces or through targeted promotional activities – nearly 14 million visitors per year at City Center one West and East guarantee that you have chosen the right location. Excellent store brand-mix, neat and clean space, as well as a pleasant and relaxed shopping atmosphere result in satisfied visitors who keep returning again and again.

Make your brand more special and more visible: choose the escalator, the entrance door, lifts, flags, banners in galleries or some of the many other types of advertising. Advertising surfaces are positioned in attractive and frequented locations offering lessees excellent visibility and exclusivity. By leasing those surfaces, you are indirectly suggesting and influencing the visitors in making their decisions on making purchases to choose your product among all others.

Show thousands of visitors what is it that makes your product or service special, point out your advantages in direct contact with your customers, and improve your business results by using promotions at City Center one. We will assist you in choosing the right method, time and micro- location to maximise your business efforts and bring desired results.


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