We are convinced that you are already familiar with the Brosway Jewellery. Let us remind you, this is a well-known Italian house that produces fashion jewellery and watches.

The brand arrived to Watch Centar almost a year ago and since then it has been recognized by girls, women, trendsetters, bloggers and vloggers on different social networks.

This week we present the arrival of a new Brosway Chakra collection with different personalised types of bracelets, carefully selected and combined with watches and other items of clothing.

In addition to its minimalist style, Brosway Chakra bracelets are known for various motivational messages, Zodiac signs, and most of all for bracelets with initials that are most often bought as a birthday gift for friends, sisters and daughters as well as other females from the circle of family and friends.

Brosway jewellery is known as stainless steel jewellery, which is why it is a favourite among those who are sensitive to brass and similar materials.

Check out some of the most attractive Chakra bracelets and easily decide upon a birthday present!