In the period from 14th until 27th October, City Center one East and West will be hosting an exhibition of the best photographs from the CEWE Photo Award 2019.

There were 448,152 registered photographs for the biggest photo competition in the world in 2019, and we will be presenting the best 10 photographs from Croatia at our exhibition at City Center one, as well as an equal number of photographs from the entire world, for which some of the authors and works have been awarded with valuable prizes.

For each photograph that was registered, CEWE company has donated a value of 10 Euro cents for SOS Children’s Villages all around the world, in this way collecting a total amount of 44,815.22 Euro to be used for providing help and assistance to children who are in their care.

This exhibition is a charity event and its intention is to motivate the visitors to help the children who are growing up in SOS Children’s Villages in Croatia. While they are having a look around the exhibition the visitors will be able to make a donation to the SOS Children’s Village in Croatia and make a payment using a 2D code at City Center one East or aided by SOS Children’s Village representatives at City Center one West.

Please enjoy this exhibition of photographs that speak louder than 1,000 words and give your support to the growing up of approximately 240 children and young people by making a donation to SOS Children’s Village Croatia.