The "Shine" campaign symbolically, through an animated film, shows the obstacles that people with autism spectrum disorder face.

Did you know that society is the most important link in the chain of improving conditions for people with autism spectrum disorders? The Shine campaign will make a great contribution to acquainting the general public with the difficulties that these people are facing.

The campaign was created in response to the prevailing, negative attitudes of society, which put people with autism in an inferior position and prevent them from fulfilling their full functional potential, thus preventing their equal inclusion in the society. With the message “Be a part of my shine“, the goal is to send a message that each person is responsible for change, and by working together it is truly possible to do great things.

The initiations of the campaign are students Mia Rajda from the Algebra University College, Jana Korlević and Ana Knežević from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Katarina Užarević from the Catholic University of Croatia.

In addition to students, mentors are also included in the campaign, graduate Robert Krivec, Assis. Prof. Jasmina Stošić, PhD, prof. spec. of early intervention Ana-Marija Bohaček, mag. rehab. educ. Sanja Munoz Aguila and Assoc. Prof. Tihana Brkljačić, PhD.

You can learn more about the campaign on the Instagram profile @za_blistaj.