Find a cheerful Cool Club collection of organic cotton at the Baby Center.

We cannot imagine almost any piece of clothing not made from cotton, but recently, as awareness of nature and health conservation has grown, the use of organic cotton, compared to the use of conventional one, has increased. Thanks to advancement of science, cotton growing has been accelerated. Conventional cotton producers state that mass and cheaper production of cotton is their trump card, as it doesn’t differ from organically produced cotton in terms of cellulose content.

On the other hand, organic cotton is produced according to internationally recognized standards of organic production, which includes production without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and is grown on soil that has been completely cleansed of toxic residues of chemical treatments potentially previously used on it.

Organic cotton is, without any doubt, the most beneficial for baby’s skin, it has a calming effect and is almost the safest natural fiber. It is also unquestionable that we want to provide only the best for our littlest and most vulnerable ones. By purchasing organic cotton products, you take care of not only of your health and of the environment; you also support green industry and toxic free cultivation and production.

Baby Center is offering the Cool Club collection made of organic cotton – a unique brand of clothing for newborns and babies has a perfect design, quality cuts and comes in several different, gentle styles. A large part of the collection is made from organic cotton and is specially designed for the comfort of the newborns and babies.

Visit the Baby Center at City Center one and provide your loved ones with the gentlest clothing items for their skin.