We are inviting you to come to your City Center one on Saturday 25th November and obtain best medical advice, check your vision, check your blood pressure and blood sugar thus making a step towards a healthier life of the whole family!

City Center one, supported by Andrija Štampar, Teaching Institute for Public Health is organising the Health Day, in this way providing you with an opportunity to check your health parameters for free, as well as to check your vision.

9 AM – 9 PM

Ghetaldus Optical Shop optometrist will test the quality of your vision, and you will also be able to obtain expert advice.

2 PM – 6 PM

Measure your blood sugar and blood pressure free of charge and seek expert advice. The youngsters can enjoy educational workshops focusing on healthy eyes and learn something new.

Marking the occasion of the Health Day on 25th November at City Center one we have prepared for you an amazing 30% discount that applies to entire prescription range of products at Ghetaldus Optical Shop*, Optotim Optical Shop and Anda Optical Shop. Anda and Optotim Optical Shops are also offering a 30% discount on sunglasses.** You can also check your vision at their optical shops at City Center one East and West.

Live healthy and feel well at your City Center one!

* Ghetaldus Optical Shop offer excludes discounts on Zeiss brand.

** Anda Optical Shop excluded discounts on the following brands Dita and For Art’s Sake.