They say that style is the way we express ourselves without uttering a word. What happens when two girls with distinctive styles swap their outfits, meaning they choose the kind of outfits for the other they would not usually wear, find out in our new edition of City Style Swap.

In the latest edition, Karla Zelić, fashion influencer, stylist and model better known as Miss Killah and Željka Molnar, a designer and blogger known on Instagram as Lia Stazia enter City Center one fashion scene. While Karla emphasises attitude as a key element in her everyday bold outfits which she chooses to impress us, Željka grabs our attention skillfully combining rock and business style spiced with feminine elegance.

Check for yourself how the girls have taken up the fashion challenge and chosen outfits for the other, in their distinctive style, from a versatile selection available at City Center one in this interesting video, which has been created in cooperation with portal that will surely inspire you to go shopping.