In collaboration with a well-known interior designer Mirjana Mikulec, Family store has designed a collection of bedding that will surely be liked by all fans of elegant design.

Comfort is very important, and quality even more so, which is why this was a dominant theme in designing an exclusive Family vintage collection in collaboration with a famous interior designer Mirjana Mikulec. You will find the collection that is made from the finest 100% cotton satin, comfortable to wear during winter as well as summer, as it warms in the winter, and cools in the summer. Gentle pastel shades will fit into every bedroom by invoking the spirit of the olden and simpler days. Decorative details with delicate lace have completed this collection, which many fans of elegant design and top-quality products will enjoy wearing.

Since comfort is an essential part of getting quality sleep, thanks to this vintage collection of bedding you will easily create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.

See you at Family store at City Center one!