Weekend is scheduled for the most amazing performances, so make sure to bring your kids to your City Center one on 9th and 10th March.

A little bit of spring magic and mix up brings fun and entertainment to your favourite shopping centre and makes all of you laugh – kids and adults alike.

On Saturday 9th March starting at 6 PM at City Center one West you can follow a magical performance Jozo Bozo and his Magic Tricks. This popular magician will excite your imagination while performing his magic tricks.

On Sunday 10th March starting from 6 PM at City Center one East follow the adventures of Mila the Fairy with your children. The Fairy, even though she is completely unprepared, takes over her mother’s task to wake up the nature and the animals. Find out how this little Fairy without her wings saves the spring by watching the performance Mila the Fairy and her Spring Wings.

Fun is guaranteed, see you at Children’s Theatre Weekend.