City Center one East will host top-notch photographs taken with up Huawei smartphones up to August 4th.

Numerous top-notch photographs of today are taken with smartphones as they contributed to the popularisation of photographs due to their accessibility. Smartphones are also often used by excellent photographers and that is why Huawei has decided to gather the works of famous Croatian and Slovenian photographers of various profiles at the exhibition called the „Instant/Trenutak“.



The exhibited photographs differ according to their motives and types, but are connected by the fact that they were „captured“ with Huawei smart phones. You can check out the photographs of Tomislav Može, Domagoj Sever, Aleš Bravničar, Petar Krešimir Furjan, Oleg Maštruka, Jaka Ivančiča, Marjan Radović, Robert Pavić and Tibor Golob up to August 4th at the City Center one East, on the ground floor of the Center, by the Stradivarius store.



You can find more information on the Huawei product range and contests at the Huawei web page.

See you!