Invite your girlfriends for a new edition of Ladies Night and enjoy watching a romantic comedy called Little Italy, an irresistible story that promises a night out full of laughter.

A love story with a bit of humour takes you to a famous New York neighbourhood called Little Italy, a charming place where time seems to have stopped. After returning home, this is where Nikki Angioli finds the love of her life – but she finds it in the enemy lines.

How will this modern age Romeo and Juliet, embodied by Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen, justify their romance in front of their fathers, owners of two competing restaurants – find out in the new edition of Ladies Night on 22 November. Call your girlfriends to come for an entertaining movie night; before the screening join us for a welcome drink in the lobby and find amazing gifts: new Gloria MagazineBalea gifts provided by dm, as well as some Keune gifts.

It looks like an ordinary Thursday is about to turn into an amazing Thursday with Ladies Night.