Beautiful hands are every modern woman's trademark, and this is precisely why they should receive special care and attention. With the newly opened Nail & Go Cosmetics, walk-in bar at City Center one East, take a break by indulging in amazing beauty treatments after making your purchases.

City Center one East has now extended its offer by opening Nail & Go Cosmetics, walk-in salon which has been providing premium service when it comes to hands and nail care for many years. You can now complete your shopping experience by indulging in hand and nail care treatments, and best of all – there is no need to book an appointment for these services. Natural look and glossy nails provided by CND ™ SHELLAC ™ brand will last up to two weeks without damaging your nails. Visit this beauty oasis upon your next City Center one visit and indulge in a royal hand care treatment.

Hurry up and visit Nail & Go and get 50% off on all services!