At Argentum, your little ones can get a safe and gentle ear piercing.

Get a gentle and safe ear piercing procedure at the Argentum store on the ground floor of the Center, and your kids will be enchanted by adorable medical earrings in the shape of colorful flowers, ladybugs and hearts, as well as a certificate for bravery.

At Argentum, extremely thin needles are used to pierce the ears in the gentlest possible manner. Fully closed and sterile medical earrings with a “Safety Back” system – a cap to prevent the earrings from falling out, shaped so as to keep the sharp tip of the medical earring completely insulated, and prevents too much adhesion to the ear, which contributes to faster and painless healing.

“Inverness” is the only type of ear piercing that takes place in completely protected conditions and sterile storage sites that keep the piercing process isolated from any possible exposure to external influences prior to the piercing itself. The Inverness ear piercing instrument is extremely quiet, which is especially important for children, so going for an ear piercing can be stress-free for both the child and its parents.