Who likes to play dress up? Here is a great opportunity for the youngsters to get their favorite masks out, and turn into Elsa, Spiderman, Pippi Longstocking and Peter Pan and join as at an unforgettable Halloween party on Saturday 27th October and Sunday 28th October.

From 11 AM to 7 PM, we have prepared many entertaining activities for all the girls and boys, such as magic workshop, pumpkin carving in the most creative ways assisted by adults, and very interesting quiz and memory games. The youngsters will have an opportunity to take photos with their peers while at the same time having lots of fun!

And for all those who come wearing their masks and costumes there is a chance to win a gift voucher in the amount of 300 kuna and tickets for Cineplexx cinema together with other prizes. Friendly animators will be taking photos of the little visitors wearing their costumes, put their photos on the City wall and at the end of the weekend the judging panel will select the most creative ones and award the prizes. Good luck to everybody!

The little ones are not the only one that can expect presents; All the moms that bring their kids to the Halloween party at City Center one West will get a special treat from the famous American brand of cosmetics, specializing in top quality hair, body and skin care products, Kiehl’s. You only need to scratch a card that you get from animators and pick up a gift at Kiehl’s at City Center one West by October 28th.