Buggy shoes present a step further in the development of flexibility of children’s footwear.

This autumn Ciciban presents one novelty that is based on a research focusing on the development of children’s feet, testing shoes directly on their feet and a wish to design a somewhat different product which will certainly meet the needs of little walkers. Naturally, Ciciban stay true to their long-term tradition, knowledge and experience in designing children’s footwear.

Why are BUGGY shoes different? The reason is that they are made of selected soft materials that are flexible and gentle. Footwear flexibility on small feet gives much needed support, by also providing increased freedom of movement and the possibility of natural development. Soft leather can breathe and it can at the same time ensure that the shoes are durable and remain protected from external influences. Shoe cross-section shows that its structure remains unchanged. The shoe features a non-slippery flexible sole, more closed in the toe area, thus protecting the shoe from wear and tear. Buggy shoes are soft and they maintain their form and appearance as they are worn.

Fresh and improved appearance of Buggy shoes is in line with the latest trends imposed by contemporary fashion fans. Minimalist appearance, clear lines and natural materials give a somewhat nostalgic look to the shoes, and this is completely reflected in the Ciciban slogan “simply natural“. This is exactly why recognisable colour combinations will complete every autumn look. Since Ciciban also considers the parents, BUGGY shoes are fastened by Velcro so the kids can easily put on their shoes.

Buggy Shoes are now available at Ciciban store