Look for the newly opened Cafe Frei on -1 level of the Center!

Cafe Frei was named after Tamas Frei, a traveling television journalist who was one of the most prominent TV personalities in Central Europe, and who worked for the largest television company in Germany. Tamas has visited more than 130 countries over the past 20 years, and his passion for coffee has always led him to search for the best plantations, unique coffee beans and coffee plant specimens, and especially for coffee shops and special recipes.

Cafe Frei offers coffee from all over the world. Guests are offered a large selection of coffee beans, coffee drinks and hot beverages, along with special seasonal specialties. Guests have the opportunity to “Taste the flavors of the world” through an outstanding range of products. Coffee drinks are always prepared from freshly roasted beans of special and interesting types of coffee that originate from Arabica plantations and are hand-picked. In Cafe Frei you will find more than 70 different recipes for coffee preparations from the world’s main coffee “cuisines”, your own blends of teas, hot and cold chocolate drinks, homemade lemonades and shakes and cakes. In addition, special menu items are offered as part of the “Adventurous Coffee of the Month” and “Limited Plantation Coffee” offerings.

Guests have the opportunity to “travel the world” in Cafe Frei cafes – every day!