By doing small things, you are helping to turn the world into a better place. By buying a piece of birthday cake and a glass of sparkling wine for as little as 5 kuna, from 12th until 14th October, you are giving your contribution to a charity Association Strong as Jakov (Jak kao Jakov).

This year, you will once again have an opportunity to perform a good deed at a charity event “5 Kuna for a Better World”. By spending only 5 kuna, which is an amount for a piece of City Cake and a glass of sparkling wine, you will be giving your contribution to the Association Strong as Jakov that helps families with children suffering from malign diseases. Charity sale point will be open from 3 PM to 9 PM on Friday 12th October, from 10 AM to 9 PM on Saturday 13th October and from 10 AM to 8 PM on Sunday 14th October. The programme will be hosted by some well-known personalities: Ivana Marić, Ana Radišić, Marijana Batinić, Ines Nosić, Boris Mirković and Danijel Bilić, joined by actors, singers, TV hosts, chefs and many other public personalities.

Strong as Jakov is a charity association that helps children suffering from malign diseases and their socially disadvantaged families. It was founded honouring Jakov Rubid, a brave boy from Karlovac, full of joy and optimism. Even when he became ill with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, his incredible spirit didn’t surrender. He was fighting this serious disease by music, songs, laughter and character strength.

In a song he recorded with the group Connect, Jakov said: You are my support that keeps me going, because you are my support that helps me through the most difficult moments. All the more reason to show how big your heart is and perform a small act of kindness that will make a big difference.