Good things are worth the wait! It’s time for new adventures in front of a big movie screen.

Admit it; you can’t wait to jump into new adventures with your favorite movie heroes! Well, your wish is finally coming true: on WednesdayAugust 26th, your favorite Cineplexx at the City Center one East once again opens its doors, in accordance with all recommendations of the National Civil Protection Committee.

And there’s more! In order to mark the occasion of reopening, we prepared an offer that is hard to resist; so, on Wednesday, you can expect a free menu with your purchase of tickets at prices starting at HRK 22.

Whether or not you indulge in the spy adventures brought to you by Tenet, the most anticipated hit movie of the year – the preview of which you can watch as early as Wednesday – or opt for another movie offered by Cineplexx, one thing is for sure: fun is guaranteed! So invite your friends now and enjoy Cineplexx at the City Center one East. Of course, don’t forget to follow the recommendations in order for your stay in the cinema to be safe and pleasant.

We look forward to spending time together again